Camera Placement

Let’s talk about camera placement. Camera placement is really important in a zoom meeting. You want to have it be at eye level and you want to be about four feet away from your camera, whether it’s a phone or laptop it doesn’t matter. You want to crop from your head, like this much over your head, down to your chest, so that people get your face and they are having a feeling that you’re having a meeting with them. Just like you would if you sat across a board table with them or in their office. You don’t always have control over your background. Your office might be your home office, might be in your bedroom or in your kitchen. You really don’t have control over that as far as staging that area, but you do have control over where your camera is in relationship to you. The other thing is you want it to be at eye level. You don’t want to have, you don’t want to be talking like this and you don’t want to be talking like this. You definitely want to have it be at eye level. It’s just how people are used to seeing you. The other thing is I’ve noticed a lot of times is people open up their laptops way too high, so all you see is this little head. That is not doing you any good. People want to see you. They want to have a meeting with you, not with your head. The other thing is don’t have the camera too close because it’s very uncomfortable. It’s like you’re invading their space and you’re probably showing a little bit more of your face than anybody wants to see. If you have any more questions or tips, give me a call or text me at 910-200-3367. You can email me at and we’re always at #Zoominterventions

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